Information session at the American College of Madrid

On January 21, Dr. Josep Maria Fabregas and Marc Masip attended the American College of Madrid to share time with families and students.

In a morning session different families of the school attended 2 hours of training to receive and learn the guidelines and tools necessary to educate their sons and daughters at a technological level. Technologies play a very important role in our environment, we must know how to master them to get their maximum performance.

Before lunch, more than 200 students received the same training from the professionals of Desconect@ and Clínicas CITA.

During the meal, the students who wanted it could share a table with the Doctors in order to express their doubts and learn more about the ins and outs of an addiction as new and problematic as the new technologies.

It was a real pleasure to meet the cloister of the school and its wonderful students.

See you soon!

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