¡Seguimos cuidando de los nuestros!

En Desconect@ seguimos abiertos cuidando de nuestros jóvenes. Dada la complejidad de la situación hemos establecido el protocolo necesario para mantener la salud de los nuestros:

  • Camara Termica de Control de Temperatura. Todo aquel que entra al centro lo hace sin fiebre ni síntomas
  • Disponemos de mascarillas, guantes y gel hidroalcohólico
  • Reducción de los grupos terapéuticos para espaciar al paciente
  • Desinfectamos los 2 centros semanalmente

Toda previsión es poca, por ello iremos incorporando todas las medidas necesarias.

Our program aims to make adolescents aware of the advantages, disadvantages and irrigation of the new  technologies. Through dynamic group activities and attending to your real concerns, we will work on new strategies for using mobile phones and social networks.

From the Desconect@ Psychological Institute we have created FEST@ (Educational Training Program with Disconnected Therapeutic Support). An academic training that allows any student to attend ESO and High School in a tutored way

Desconect@ offers his patients full coverage for a recovery of guarantees: Full or partial hospitalization, eating disorder, addiction to new technologies, behavioral disorder, outpatient visits and Psychiatry and Psychology services.

Desconect@ Program

Desconect@ is an educational tool that seeks feedback from parents and schools to create a road map where there is a mixture of rigidity and confidence. Only this way we will be able to take care with its importance the interpersonal relationships that the human being needs so much

Marc Masip, director of Desconect@

Marc Masip is a psychologist and expert in addiction to the New Technologies, as well as the director of the Desconect@ psychological Institute, with a pioneering program born in 2012 to learn how to make good use of new technologies without deteriorating our personal relationships and without creating dependencies or addictions.

He teaches at schools and secondary and high school secondary schools in Spain and abroad. In addition,  Desconect@ organizes camps and has a special unit for schooling young people who, due to their addiction, can not attend formal education.

Desconect@ Conferences

We have different conferences of participatory nature aimed at students and / or parents