Education and therapeutic care for adolescents and their families

We help adolescents to have a better emotional and academic future through a personalized methodology.

This is Desconect@!

Desconect@ is a psychoeducational program that helps adolescents with addiction to new technologies, behavioral disorders, eating disorders, general emotional discomfort, addictions and other difficulties in the adolescent stage.

Through a multidisciplinary therapy model, we make a comprehensive approach, that is,we work in the personal and individual, social and family sphere of the adolescent,we know that all these aspects directly influence their well-being.

Marc Masip, director of Desconect@

Marc Masip is a psychologist and an expert in addiction to New Technologies, as well as the director of Desconect@, with a pioneering program born in 2012 to learn how to good use of new technologies without damaging our personal relationships and without creating dependencies or addictions.

He gives conferences in ESO ESO and Baccalaureate schools and institutes, in Spain and abroad. Also, organize camps and have one special unit for educate young people who, due to their addiction, cannot attend regulated training.

Our Values

Desconect@ has as its objective a social change and we want to transmit it through a very firm roadmap.


We want not only to transmit the best of ourselves, but also to share it. Generosity shows the greatness of the human being and we are willing to share it.


Ethical integrity is fundamental in our way of understanding life, relationships and, of course, business. At Desconect@ we apply it both to ourselves and to those around us.


Education with a mixture of flexibility, rigidity and confidence. Parents, schools and Desconect@ work hand in hand to build a better future for our young people.


Just that, LOVE.

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A practical book to discover our degree of dependence on mobile phones and put a stop to this new social alert.

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We have different conferences of a participatory nature aimed at students and families.

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