Behavioral disorder

They manifest with problems in the self-control of behavior and emotions, violating the rights of others and can lead the adolescent to major conflicts with the norms of society or with authority figures.


The opossitional defiant disorder it is characterized by a pattern of anger / irritability and arguments / defiant or vengeful attitude, in interaction with other people.

Temper is lost easily, susceptible or upset, and the person may be angry and resentful; has difficulties with authority (arguments, defiant attitude), annoys others and makes others responsible for his mistakes.

It can be resentful and vengeful.

It provokes a malaise in the person suffering it and in the people of its immediate surroundings, which entails a negative impact in the social, scholastic, individual, …


  • Progressive isolation from the real world.
  • Lack of interest in other activities (sports, study, friends …).
  • Mood swings.
  • Family problems.
  • Decreased academic performance.

In Desconect@ and through a proven effective method we have tools to prevent that disorder increases the patient’s problems and can be reoriented correctly.

As parents you will observe:

  • Frequent anger.
  • Bad answers.
  • Challenging in posture and look.
  • Without obedience.
  • Does not respect limits or norms.
  • Guilt in others, not in their acts.
  • Constant lies.
  • Commit thefts.