“Spain is the country with the most adolescent addiction in Europe”


Our country is in the top 1 of the countries with the most adolescent addiction in the old continent. The European average is around 12.7% while Spain stands at 21.3%. The psychologist Marc Masip offers some data to put us at the point where we are. “An emoticon giving a kiss will never be a […]

Què és el “Phubbing” y como evitar-lo


Imagínate esta escena: estás comiendo con tus amigos o familiares. La comida es excelente, el ambiente es cálido y amigable, y la conversación fluye muy bien. Todo el mundo lo está pasando bien. Entonces, de repente, sucede: Alguien saca su teléfono móvil. Quizás necesita atender una llamada, o tal vez solo quiere mostrarte una foto […]

Videoconference at Talent Hub Institute


On April 15, a videoconference took place at the Talent Hub Institute, a youth association, starring Marc Masip, psychologist and founder of Desconect@. The psychologist gave some advice on how to combat screen addiction in these moments when, especially the youngest, are the most vulnerable after spending so many hours at home.

We open DESCONECT@ Center in Madrid!

Tras ocho años de recorrido en Barcelona y observar los datos que proyecta la ciudad de Madrid en cuanto a los problemas de salud mental que sufren los adolescentes, DESCONECT@ abre centro en la capital española. DESCONECT@ MADRID ofrecerá el completo de tratamiento habitual de Desconect@. A destacar su unidad académica de aula terapéutica para aquellos […]

It’s not hunger


En estos días de tener que estar en casa y sobrellevar la situación de la mejor manera posible, es importante identificar qué nuevos hábitos que no teníamos pueden aparecer. El buen manejo de las emociones es esencial para nuestra estabilidad en esta situación especial que no habíamos vivido ninguno de nosotros antes. Una de las […]

Marc Masip interviewed Jordi Basté for Tv3


On March 5, Marc Masip interviewed Jordi Basté for Tv3. In the interview they talked about the addiction that mobiles create today and about the addiction that Sabaté suffers. First, the director of the Desconect@ psychological Institute and an expert in addiction to new technologies asked him some questions to detect if it really was […]

Marc Masip interview on TV3 about Covid-19

On March 26, Marc Masip participated in an interview they did on Tv3. He spoke about how to face confinement without having an excessive use of technology, especially the youngest. These days are difficult for everyone because by not being able to leave home, we make excessive use of new technologies. You have to make […]

Viaró Global School conference


On March 5 Marc Masip gave a conference at Viaró Gblobal School where more than 200 fathers and mothers participated. Masip talked about the use of new technologies and gave some guidelines on how to get the most out of these popular and necessary tools at the same time. Responsible use must be made and […]

Andorra Tv Program – La rotonda

Marc Masip is a psychologist and expert in addiction to new technologies, and director of the Desconect@ institute. He tells us where we are and how mobile phones are the cause of new addictions among young people and adults. An issue that worries him more and more. How is it managed? How much time should […]

Conference for families in Andorra


Marc Masip gave a conference on February 7 called “The heroine of the XXI century” for mothers and fathers in Andorra, organized by MoraBanc and FEAC of the Sant Armengol School. 250 people attended and it was a great success. Masip spoke about him danger posed by mobile phones, social networks or video games.

Marc Masip Conference at Dow Jones


On January 30, Marc Masip gave a lecture at Dow Jones. What a fantastic conference Marc Masip Montaner has done today at Dow Jones, hosted by our IRG Parents @DJ Barcelona. He has shared some very good information and has given some fantastic tips including at least three of them very easy. To get started: […]

Information session at the American School of Madrid


On January 21, Dr. Josep Maria Fabregas and Marc Masip attended the American School of Madrid to share time with families and students. In a morning session, different families from the school attended 2 hours of training to receive and learn the guidelines and tools necessary to educate their sons and daughters at a technological […]

Talk for families in Ciudadela (Menorca)

Marc Masip starred last Friday, January 24, in a massive conference for families in Ciudadela (Menorca). More than 500 people attended the event and were able to receive the guidelines and information necessary to educate their sons and daughters in the proper use of new technologies, since they are so important and influential due to […]

Marc Masip conference at Viaró Global School


Last Saturday, January 11, the psychologist and director of the Desconect@ Program Marc Masip, attended Viaró Global School. In his intervention, he helped the teaching team to better understand the relationships that students have with screens, both in their personal and academic moments. Both are important to students. Masip thanks all the teachers for his […]

Marc Masip participates in a talk at the Mutxamel Town Hall (Alicante)


On November 26, the Mutxamel City Council, located in Alicante, began activities to commemorate the International Day of the Educating City, which this year has been developed under the motto “listen to the city to transform it”. Marc Masip, psychologist and director of the Desconect@ Program, had the opportunity to participate in a talk entitled […]

Marc Masip participates in a conference at Colegio Jesús Maria


Marc Masip participated in a talk at the Jesús Maria School, addressed to family and students where New Technologies were discussed. The talk was interesting, and it was also a great help for the families, providing tools to put some order with the digital reality that surrounds us today. It was a very welcoming day […]

Marc Masip, the use we give to technologies

Marc Masip, director and psychologist of the Desconect@ Psychological Institute, explains to us in the conference #SabadellForum about the use we give to technologies. Firstly, at the conference he explained the impact that new technologies have on young people and adolescents, whether through social networks, video games or mobile phones. This can have serious consequences […]

Gonzalo on his way to University


Gonzalo, is our first student who after two years makes the pre university exam and passes! Now we just have to wait for the university path that our alumni wants to undertake, he will always have the open door of Desconect@ to count on us in whatever he needs. Congratulations Gonzalo!

WHO makes video game addiction official as a disorder


The World Health Organization includes officially videogame addiction as a disorder, something that Desconect@ Program has been concerned about for many years and has been working in order to deal with this issue among youth through our therapies. The normalization of the abusive use of video games through the boom of Esports (videogame competitions that have […]

TCA Conference for Parents


Last April 13, Eva Gómez, the Psychologist and Clinical Director of Desconect@ Psychological Institute, specialist in TCA, gave a conference for the AMPA of the Salle Bonanova the attendance was around fifty parents . The objective of the conference was to explain what are the Eating disorders, the risk factor’s, their causes and consequences as […]

La Vanguardia Back cover


La Vanguardia Back cover “The consumption of pornography in the network begins at the age of 10” On 01/23/2019 12:42 the journalist IMA SANCHIS interviewed the Director of Desconnect@, Marc Masip. The entire interview, under the title “The consumption of pornography in the network begins a the age of 10” here. The nomophobia A few […]

We learn together – El País BBVA


Marc Masip, director of the Desconect@ Psychological Institute and an expert in addictions to new technologies, warns of the dangers of dependence on screens, which cause problems with sleep, academic performance and socialization. Masip’s proposal goes through education in the proper use of screens and guidelines such as “TILE”: think, intuit, live and evaluate where […]

We analyze the emotional situation of André Gomes


André Gomes does not go through a good emotional moment. The Futbol Club Barcelona player has publicly acknowledged that he needs psychological help in order to improve his performance. Xesco Espar and Marc Masip, analyze his situation and trust that he will soon regain his level.