WHO makes video game addiction official as a disorder


The World Health Organization includes officially videogame addiction as a disorder, something that Desconect@ Program has been concerned about for many years and has been working in order to deal with this issue among youth through our therapies.

The normalization of the abusive use of video games through the boom of Esports (videogame competitions that have become popular events), has made many of the young people fix their idols on media characters from these platforms. It is not anomalous that these young people devote an inordinate amount of hours to look like their favorite gamers. On the other hand you can see how through this activity they earn large amounts of money boasting of wealth in the networks.

From Desconect@ Program we have been pioneers when talking about the rise of this phenomenon and the great need to carry out actions. That is why for many years we have made available our treatments to deal with this “new” addiction.