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“The consumption of pornography in the network begins at the age of 10”

On 01/23/2019 12:42 the journalist IMA SANCHIS interviewed the Director of Desconnect@, Marc Masip.

The entire interview, under the title “The consumption of pornography in the network begins a the age of 10” here.

The nomophobia

A few years ago when I was going around the island of Menorca in a canoe, a friend decided to leave because he had forgotten his cell phone. Today we know that this irrational fear of not having the mobile available is called nomophobia and in Spain they suffer 77% of the people. That was the trigger that led him to create the Desconecta@ Psychological Institute to treat the addictions to the network and mobile that especially teenagers suffer. The center has a hospital for them and a special school unit for those who have academic difficulties. In Desconecta (Dome Books), Masip offers revealing data and explains how to protect ourselves and our children from this new addiction.