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A fundamental characteristic of substance dependence is the appearance of a series of behavioral, cognitive and physiological symptoms that indicate that the patient continues to consume the toxic substance despite the appearance of significant problems related to it.

Our objective in the treatment of addictive disorders is to identify the function that the consumption of the substance fulfills for the person, and thus be able to work on the internalization of new healthy strategies.

What are the symptoms of substance addiction?

Behavioral symptoms:

Physical symptoms:

Cognitive symptoms:

Psychosocial symptoms:

What could my child be consuming?

What is substance addiction treatment like?

It is based on the application of different multidisciplinary techniques in each of the phases of treatment for addictions and on the individual attention that we give to each patient.

At Desconect@ we believe that the quality of treatment must be based on meeting the specific needs of each one. Each patient is a different case and we must adapt to it.

With the help of all our professionals, the Desconect@ treatment entails a series of benefits that we show below:

Attack the root

In addition to the detoxification process, we must go to the root of the problem to avoid a possible relapse. Therefore, an intensive treatment of awareness of the danger of the situation is extremely important.

Our goal is consolidated and definitive rehabilitation.

Subject matter experts

For this we have psychologists specialized in the field and psychiatrists who are experts in drug addiction with more than 10 years of experience in our Day Hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona.

Keys to substance addiction


Substance Addiction Facts

Frequently asked questions about mobile and social media addiction

Currently, the drugs most consumed by our adolescent or young children are (in order of prevalence) alcohol, tobacco, cannabis derivatives (marijuana and hashish). (Survey on drug use in secondary education in Spain – Studies 2014/15. Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs, Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, 2016).

It has always been known that joints are less frowned upon than other drugs such as cocaine or heroin. It is no less true that sporadic or social consumption ends up leading to greater consumption and to trying other “harder” drugs.

The first step to knowing how to end joint addiction is for the patient to accept the adverse effects of its consumption. This stage can last days, even weeks, depending on the patient’s habitual consumption until the therapeutic start of detoxification.

The joint withdrawal syndrome is known for the effects it reflects on people who have used this drug for a long period of time.

After stopping consuming joints immediately, the withdrawal syndrome begins to be noticed. Many users suffer from this syndrome for wanting to give up joints little by little, or for trying without professional help.

With adolescents, it is recommended that the family intervene. It is essential to advise parents so that they know how to deal with the problem and how to treat the adolescent without dramatizing. The patient must be educated so that he knows how to stop consuming.

They must also be trained in the acquisition of guidelines that are related to the consistent norms between different members of the family and trained in communication skills and in the contingency contract between the parties (parents-child).

Benefits Program Offline@

Pioneer TCA Program

Leading method of high efficiency and with great satisfaction on the part of our patients.

Multidisciplinary team

Specialists of all kinds (teachers, psychologists, educational psychologists...) to cover any need during treatment.

Barcelona and Madrid

We have fully adapted day hospitals to cover any situation related to this type of disorder.


Testimonials Desconect@ Program

Marc Masip | Director of Desconect@

Marc Masip is a psychologist and an expert in addiction to New Technologies, in addition to director of Desconect@, with a pioneering program born in 2012 to learn how to make good use of new technologies without damaging our personal relationships and without creating dependencies or addictions.

Impart conferences in schools and institutes of ESO and baccalaureate, in Spain and abroad. Also, organize camps and have one special unit for educate young people who, due to their addiction, cannot attend regulated training.

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