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Behavioral disorders manifest with problems in self-control of behavior and emotions, violating the rights of others and can lead the adolescent to major conflicts against the norms of society or with authority figures .

In our Desconect@ Day Hospitals in Barcelona and Madrid, we have a multidisciplinary team, so that the patient and his family return to a healthy life.

Our therapeutic goal is to significantly reduce disruptive behavior by helping the patient build an identity out of aggressiveness and discomfort. Also, reduce family conflict, recover the right climate, reestablish rules, limits and hierarchy, control impulses and manage emotions and frustration.

What are the symptoms of adolescent conduct disorder?

It is not easy for the family to adapt to circumstances of this type and parents may not be able to realize that their child is suffering from a disorder. To detect a case of disorder, as a parent you will observe:

Types of Conduct Disorders in adolescents

Oppositional defiant disorder

It is characterized by a pattern of anger/irritability and arguments/defiance or vindictiveness in interaction with other people. Calm is easily lost and it is customary to be angry and resentful.

He has difficulties with authority and it is very difficult to see him accept his mistakes, he always blames others. It causes a discomfort in which it suffers in addition to its environment.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

This type of duct disorder is characterized by a progressive isolation from the real world and a lack of interest in sports, friends or studies.

All this causes mood swings and family conflicts as well as a decrease in academic performance. It also affects personal development and, therefore, hinders the future of the affected person.

Conduct disorder

Conduct Disorder shows a repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic rights of others, norms or social rules are not respected. Families, school, friends, authority…

In the case of adolescents, there is a high presence of anger, lies, manipulation and also absence or lack of motivation from school.

Behavioral disorders


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Frequently asked questions about behavioral disorders in adolescents

The family is the most affected nucleus. Constant conflicts, lack of respect, breaches of rules… generates an unsustainable climate for parents and/or their siblings.

In treatment, it is essential to support the family with tools and advice to better manage the situation. At Desconect@ we provide the personal telephone number of the referring therapist in order to always have this much-needed support.

Childhood, and especially adolescence, is a process of change in which it is normal for times to occur that are more difficult than others, and it would be expected to go through phases of rebellion. The fact of experiencing stressful situations such as the separation of parents or the loss of a loved one, among many other situations, could also cause changes in behavior.

In the case of behavioral disorders, it is the establishment of a way of functioning marked by aggressive behavior, defiance of authority, opposition to the rules, non-acceptance of limits. Aggressiveness becomes a form of relationship and exceeds the limits to be able to live together. In no case is it due to a process typical of age.

Although they are shown as “tough”, it must be taken into account that their self-esteem is usually low. They do not know how to manage their frustration or their emotions. Treatment is important since they are patients at risk of having other risky behaviors such as school failure, accidents, drug use, risky sexual relations, … Without effective treatment of conduct disorder, in adulthood, these behaviors can lead to a bad ending.

At an initial moment of treatment, the adolescent usually refuses it, with the passing of days, he understands that it helps him, he acquires new habits and he also enjoys his better global climate.

As parents we must transmit assertiveness, we do it because we love them and because we do not want to see them badly. They must understand it and at the same time see a limit. What we call, demand from love.

Without a doubt, yes.

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He gives lectures in ESO and Baccalaureate schools and institutes, in Spain and abroad. In addition, it organizes camps and has a special unit to educate young people who, due to their addiction, cannot attend formal training.

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