Specialists in treating addiction to mobile phones and social networks

Desconecta@  was born in 2012, a time when society was not yet aware of the risks of being hooked on the mobile phone for too long. The dependency created by the videogamesandsocial networkshas exceeded all educational and health forecasts . 

That is why we are committed to a multidisciplinary team full of specialists in the field with which we can deal with one of the most frequent problems in today’s society.

What are the symptoms of mobile and social media addiction?

It is very difficult to admit or even discover that a person is suffering from addiction to the mobile or any other technological device. The signs of risk are the following:

Consequences of mobile addiction and social networks

Frequently asked questions about mobile and social media addiction

It is more important what they do when they are connected than the time they dedicate to it. You really put it to good use. Although it is true, the day has 24 hours, so if you spend more than 3 hours a day connected to your phone, by nature you will stop doing other fundamental things, there we do have a problem.

Being aware that we are currently giving our children a phone at 10 or 12 years old, we should never do it before 16. They do not have a sufficiently developed brain to use such a powerful element and because they do not need it to follow a correct rhythm of life.

It is true that as a father or mother I must also be prepared. Having informed me and knowing how to act.

  • Withdrawal syndrome (change in mood and mood if you do not have access or it has been restricted).
  • Substitution of activities. Stop doing something important to be on the phone. (ex: being with the family, studying, going out with friends…).
  • Affectation in their daily life, at school, with the family, in their social life, physical state, rest…

You will still have friends with or without a phone. The objective is not to leave him without friends, the objective is that he uses social networks and the telephone well. In many cases, the fact of having the phone before being ready generates social isolation (there you do lose friends) and makes it more difficult to relate face to face.

Remember the importance of our child having an active and healthy social life. As well as performing group sports or musical, artistic or cultural activities.

Those boys who make abusive use of mobile phones and social networks tend to affect their studies. Not only for not fulfilling academic tasks, but also for the recurring thought that dependency generates.

At the family level, the first discussions, fights, disputes, anger for not agreeing with the current use usually appear… The family nucleus is transcendent for adolescents and must remain firm. Let us remember that it is the first cause of request for help by families in Spain.

Without a doubt. It is proven that social networks offer inappropriate content to our teenagers. It is of paramount importance to review the content that my child consumes on their networks. In addition, it is important to know who you are talking to (unknown people) and what inappropriate content you are receiving or looking for (pornography, violence, gambling…).

In recent years we are seeing how social networks can be a refuge for children with ideas of self-harm and enhancers of underlying problems such as conduct disorder, depression or eating disorder.

Facts about addiction to social networks and new technologies

How do we do it?

Individual therapy with a reference psychologist and group therapy.

Individual and group family therapy.

Educational workshops.

psychiatry and psychology.

Coordination with the educational center.

Benefits Program Desconect@

Pioneer program

Highly effective method and with great satisfaction on the part of our patients.

Multidisciplinary team

Specialists of all kinds (teachers, psychologists, educational psychologists...) to cover any need during treatment.

Barcelona and Madrid

We have day hospitals fully adapted to cover any situation related to this type of disorder.

Do you want to know your degree of dependence on the mobile?

Take the test and in five minutes know your result.

Testimonials Desconect@ Program

Marc Masip | Director of Desconect@

Marc Masip is a psychologist and an expert in addiction to New Technologies, in addition to director of Desconect@, with a pioneering program born in 2012 to learn how to make good use of new technologies without damaging our personal relationships and without creating dependencies or addictions.

Impart conferences in schools and institutes of ESO and baccalaureate, in Spain and abroad. Also, organize camps and have one special unit for educate young people who, due to their addiction, cannot attend regulated training.

Marc Masip Programa Desconect@

desconect@ barcelona

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