TikTok, the 15 seconds video that sweeps the youngest

This social network is the last great phenomenon among the youngest Internet users. It has two characteristics that make it unique: on the one hand, it is the first “social” features app created and managed by a Chinese company that triumphs in the West. On the other hand, those who consume content on this platform are, in the vast majority, minors, especially girls between 8 and 16 years who often use the electronic devices of their parents or their older siblings to connect to the network.

After a data collection, the director of the Desconect@ Programs states:

“In 3rd grade of Primary (8 years old), TikTok is the app most used by almost a third of students, especially girls; in 4th and 5th year of Primary (9 and 10 years old), almost half of the students mention it in the first place; in 6th grade, he already appears behind Instagram, Youtube and Fortnite; and in ESO they are no longer frequent users “. The kids are completely hooked: in China, users spend more than 30 minutes connected on average, and the interaction rate (comments to videos, ‘likes’, etc.) is also very high: “Upload videos to the internet without any kind of filter or training. For them it is something totally harmless: they seek to be admired by the group, but they have no idea who can get to see them “

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