A Disconnect student tells us how he has recovered from an addiction and emotional distress 💙
Desconect@ student tells us how she has learned to manage her emotions 💙
The mother of a former Desconecta student tells us how much her son has improved academically after spending time at Desconecta.
The father of a former Desconect@ student explains what he liked the most about school and how his son got to university

“I really appreciate my time in Desconect@ because it has not only helped me overcome my addictions to technologies, but I have worked and surprassed my insecurities, and also, I have felt very welcomed, understood and heard by the team of therapists. “

Jordi C.
17 years old Student

“After spending some time in Desconect@ I realized that this experience not only has helped my daughter, but has also helped the family. Thanks to the family sessions, we have learned to listen to each other, to understand each other and to support us. Today we are more united than ever. “

Carmen U.
44 years old Nurse

“I’ve learned that if the guidelines given by the psychologist are followed correctly, and one is constant with them, in a short time there are changes that are livable and these, are directly reflected in the day to day, making us bring out the best in oneself “

Júlia R.
19 years old Student

“What has helped me the most to trust in Desconect @, is that, by having individualized treatments, which suit each patient, as a parent, I am sure that every problem that may arise for my daughter, the therapists will know how to take it. They give it the necessary importance and together, they will try to find an appropriate solution. This has made me feel more confident on the therapist and on the treatment “

Francesc G.
53 yeras old Economist

“After being locked in on myself and blocked with food, the availability of the therapists and the personalized attention that I could receive on Desconect@, since they are always there when you need them, it has helped me to stop being isolated and to trust myself. Now I know I’m better and what’s most important , I look fabulous. “

Carol. Z
22 years old Student

“Thanks to the therapy received, I am able to see things different, now the situations that bother me or overwhelm me, are resolved in a healthy way, because Desconect@ gives you the tools you need and they teach you to face these situations as well as to break with bad habits and create new healthy ones. “

Marta B.
20 years old Student

“After a while I understood that therapy is a process, a long process, but the time it lasts depends in part on me, I’ve been taught that the change are in myself and that who after all is going to live these changes it will be myself. The psychologists are my guides and they teach me to overcome obstacles and to understand me, but who should want to change is me “.

Eugenia G.
35 years old Professor

“In this center I felt that my problems are not as serious as I thought, once the problems are explained and externalized to the therapists, we are surpass them . Also, I’ve noticed that my problems have solutions, but I have to work every day to solve them. "

Mario I.
20 years old Student

“This wonderful project has allowed me, on the one hand, to help myself overcoming the weaknesses of my behavior and to replace bad practices with healthy habits that allow me to help others do the same, and most importantly, to love myself and others. enjoy the path of change.”

Marc S.
20 years old Student

“At the Desconect@ Psychological Institute, I have lost my addiction to new technologies. I have grown up as a person in a young environment that has not discriminated against me and has always supported and helped me with my problems.”

Mario J.
17 yeras old Student

“I arrived at Desconect@ recommended by a friend, her daughter had improved a lot and I was very lost in the education of mine. Since then we have infinitely better understanding with her, I have learned to listen to her and her notes are unbeatable . “

Patricia T.
43 years old Lawyer

“Desconect@ has changed my life, by releasing me from my addiction to networks that linked me to a sad future, with video games as my ruin. Thanks to Marc, I went back to study and I could continue on my way to life. It was not easy, but he always will help you and will worry about you. "

Rafa L.
18 years old Student

“Although at the beginning I refused to be helped, in Desconect@ I managed to overcome my problems and I was able to grow up and discover the person I am now.”

Txell L.
18 years old Student

“Desconect@’s teens’ group helped me a lot to be aware of what’s good and what’s wrong. They’ve helped me a lot with my problems.”

Alberto V.
15 years old Student