Desconecta Book

A practical book to discover our degree of mobile dependence and put a stop to this new social alert

​Marc Masip invites us to test ourselves and discover in what level of addition we are. From there, and based on real cases of patients and their reports, presents a wide variety of situations of people who are making inappropriate use of mobile phones, and who have decided to take the step forward and ask for help. The author finishes each of the chapters with an advice that, at the end of the book, becomes his digital diet proposal.

​The book is designed to awake and generate a lot of empathy with the reader, who feels identified, and who can analyze how they are using technologies and how to improve their relationship with them to gain quality of life, enjoy more of their free time, friends and family, improve performance at work, and ultimately, be more free.

Do you whant the book Desconecta?



  1. The author is an expert in addictions and a pioneer in the treatment of digital addictions.
  2. The focus of the book is positive and offers solutions and guidelines for all, easy to follow and apply day by day, thanks to the novel concept of “digital diet”.