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Marc Masip participa en una conferencia en el Colegio Jesús Maria

Marc Masip participated in a talk at the Jesus Maria School, aimed at family and students where they talked about New Technologies. The talk was interesting, as well as being of great help to families, providing tools to put a little order with the digital reality that surrounds us today. It was a very welcoming […]

The danger of Sexting

In the TV3 programme “Planta Baixa”, Marc Masip, director of the Desconect@, has come to explain to us the dangers caused by sexting and, in general, the new technologies and the consequences it can have on teenagers. Sèxting is the sending of erotic or sexual content made by oneself through social networks or whatsapp. It […]

Marc Masip participates in a conference at Celrà Town Hall

Marc Masip, psychologist and director of Desconect@, has given two conferences at Celrà Town Hall. More than 300 teenagers participated in the conference. Both conferences were related to New Technologies and the use made of them by teenagers. Participants had the opportunity to talk freely about technologies and interact with Marc Masip. The young people […]

Marc Masip outlines how to make good use of technology

Marc Masip, director and psychologist of the Desconect@ Psychological Institute, explains to us in the conference #SabadellForum about the use we give to technologies. Firstly, at the conference he explained the impact that new technologies have on young people and adolescents, whether through social networks, video games or mobile phones. This can have serious consequences […]

Marc Masip in #SabadellForum

Marc Masip, director and psychologist of the psychological institute Desconect@, speaks to us in the conference #SabadellForum of the use that we give to technologies. “We are currently making very bad use of technology, and the most affected public are teenagers. In this video, he talks about how a parent should act in such a […]

“Social networks devalue who you are.”

Marc Masip, the director of Programa Desconect@, has participated in the II Conference of Educational Psychology, Neurosciences and Emotion in the College of Psychologists of Cantabria. The psychologist and director, gives lectures in schools and institutes throughout Spain and also abroad. In this occasion, in the conference he talks to us about the relationship that […]

Marc Masip gives a talk at the Universidad de Deusto about new technologies

Marc Masip, psychologist and director of the centre Desconect@, gives a talk at the Universidad de Deusto, in the Bilbao Campus. The expert in addiction to New Technologies, tells us about the dangers of these and how adolescents today face these important social changes. The Desconect@ centre is a programme born to learn how to […]

Marc Masip explains in #SabadellForum the risks of new technologies

The #SabadellForum is a area reserved for the knowledge of Banco Sabadell where different guests, experts in technology and innovation, are invited. On this occasion, the guest was Marc Masip. The psychologist and director of Desconect@ explains the dangers of new technologies and dependence on mobile phones. On Wednesday 22 October you can follow it […]

The strong dependence on mobile phones

Eva Gómez, director of the Hospital Día Desconecta, warns that “there are people spending between 16 and 18 hours watching their mobile phones, playing video games”. This is the case of a young girl who was addicted to her mobile phone and gradually deteriorated her personal relationships and replaced them with her phone. She started […]

Conferencia Barcelona Activa

Marc Masip gave a Master class for the Barcelona city council at the Barcelona Activa facilities where mothers and fathers, teachers, psychologists and different professionals in the sector were able to attend Masip’s reflections. In them, the expert psychologist, advised on the detection of addiction to new technologies, how to alleviate and work this addiction […]

The mobile in school classrooms

Should the use of mobile phones be prohibited in schools? If we do, will we turn our backs on the technological era we live in? Marc Masip, director of Desconect@ Program, participates in the RTVE debate about whether or not to use the mobile phone in classrooms. Click here to listen again to the different […]

Mobile and children with Marc Masip: “Mobile is the hero of the 21st century”

Marc Masip talks in Catalonia Radio about mobile addiction and how it affects the little ones. The psychologist and director of Desconect@ Psychological Institute believes that the solution must go through education, training and limits. These limits should go through some kind of legislation as was done in the day with alcohol or tobacco. Enter […]

21% of the Spanish adolescents are addicted to smartphone

Marc Masip, director of the Psychological Institute Desconect@, talks us of the concept of nomofobiaat the program of  “a la carta”. During the conversation with the speaker, Masip facilitates us the symptoms of detection: Syndrome of abstinence, Substitution of activities, Negation of the addiction.  When these anomalies are detected is time to deal with the […]

Are you addicted to your smartphone?

The following video es a conversation with Marc Masip in which the they treat in which the interlocutors talk about the rise of addiction to the mobile phones, how to detect this addiction and how to deal with it to deal with it.

The number of young people who think that jealousy and control of their partner’s mobile phone is a ‘love test’ increases

In an increasingly technological society, the latest Barometer of Youth and Gender, the number of young people who consider themselves feminists has increased, but also that of controllers with traditional positions. However, this boom is directly related to the increase in distrust of our partner. As Marc Masip, psychologist and director of Desconect@ Program says, […]

Is it advisable for children to spend more time in front of screens in summer?

Marc Masip gives us in Qustodio (application of parental control on the Internet) a series of recommendations on the use of screens in summer that will allow us to find the right balance and enjoy the freedom of holidays without falling into digital addictions or resorting to the technology to combat summer boredom: Do not […]

Instagram studies to veil the figure of “likes” to reduce the social pressure

Instagram poses obscure the total numeral of likes that get the publications. The intention is to give more importance at the content that at the popularity of the users to reduce, it is said, the social pressure that this means. Marc Masip, director of Desconect@ Program, explains that one of the reasons to desire to have many likes is […]