Institute for adolescents in Madrid and Barcelona

Desconect@ starts with the clear objective that young people learn to make appropriate use of new technologies. We are not looking to ban or make anything disappear, we simply want to optimize our resources in the best possible way.

Our program aims to make adolescents aware of the advantages, disadvantages and risks of new technologies . Through dynamic group activities and attending to their real concerns, we will work on new strategies for using mobile phones and social networks.

Disorders treated in the Desconect@ Program

At the Insituto Desconect@ the patient is not a number, he is one more member of our house and we take care of him through a high level of demand and a lot of love.

Addiction to new technologies

Addiction and/or abuse to mobile phones, social networks and video games: we work to make good use of a tool that is very useful when used well, but when abused it becomes highly dangerous.

Video game addiction

The World Health Organization (WHO) has included video game addiction as a mental disorder. This addiction causes an increase in the desire to play and a substitution of activities to be hooked on the screen.

Behavioral disorders

They manifest themselves with problems in self-control of behavior and emotions, violating the rights of others and can lead the adolescent to major conflicts against the norms of society or with authority figures.

Eating behavior disorder (ED)

Eating Behavior Disorder (ED) is a disease with serious consequences for the physical and psychological health of those who suffer from it and for their families. Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder, generate obsession with weight, image and diet.

General Psychiatry Unit (UPG)

When we talk about problems typical of a General Psychiatry Unit (UPG), we are referring to a wide range of difficulties that range from emotional management problems and anxiety, to high-risk behaviors. In any case, we will be facing difficulties that do not allow the adolescent to carry out the activities of his daily life.

Substance addiction

A fundamental characteristic of substance dependence is the appearance of a series of behavioral, cognitive and physiological symptoms that indicate that the patient continues to consume the toxic substance despite the appearance of significant problems related to it.

Academic orientation

Adolescence is a crucial time for the student. At Instituto Psicológico Desconect@ we know this and we make all the necessary solutions available to the student and family.

  • Psychological Support.
  • Psychopedagogical reinforcement.
  • Contact with the relevant school and tutor.
  • Tutorials.
  • Weekend study group.
  • Preparation for official English, German and French exams.

Benefits of the Psychological Institute

More than 10 years of experience

Extensive experience achieving great results in all types of adolescent behavior disorders.

Psychologists, pedagogues and teachers

Wide range of specialists available to students to cover any need during treatment.

Multidisciplinary therapy model

Therapies worked in different areas, personal, individual, social and family.

Desconecta Madrid

Marc Masip | Director of Desconect@

Marc Masip is a psychologist and an expert in addiction to New Technologies, in addition to director of Desconect@, with a pioneering program born in 2012 to learn how to make good use of new technologies without damaging our personal relationships and without creating dependencies or addictions.

Impart conferences in schools and institutes of ESO and baccalaureate, in Spain and abroad. Also, organize camps and have one special unit for educate young people who, due to their addiction, cannot attend regulated training.

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