Marc Masip opens the 4th Forum “Health and Wellbeing” CajaCanarias in La Palma

On June 4, Masip inaugurated the IV Forum “Health and Wellbeing” that was held at the La Palma Cultural Space in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The director of Program Desconect@ began these days with the conference “Too many screens?” in which he analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the daily use of technological devices between childhood and youth, providing useful advice and helping to resolve conflicts.

There are not many scenes like the following ones: That a baby be entertained with the tablet so that it can eat; that a father give his daughter’s cell phone to be calmer with his family or friends; that many teenagers spend whole evenings (and evenings) in front of a console or their new smartphone; can not avoid consulting our profiles at social networks, etc. To such an extent, this reality has arrived that the new National Strategy on Addictions includes those derived from the misuse of new technologies, videogames and online games, due to their potential risks to health and well-being: What should we know? What signs do you suspect of a compulsive use of the internet or of an addiction to videogames or online bets? How can we make use of healthy and beneficial technology for our life? In this new edition of the CajaCanarias Health and Wellbeing Forum, an important group of professionals will try to shed light on these issues and, where appropriate, teach the attendees to “Domesticate the screens”.


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