Phsycological Institute

Understanding as favorable the technological advance to which we are constantly subjected, we believe that there is a small mismatch. Our young people and teenagers grow up surrounded by digital tools, which in addition to providing a lot of help in different aspects of their lives, are depriving them of others, perhaps less striking, but basic for a good development.

We do not want mobile phones or social networks to end up spending more time with young people than family, friends, sports, leisure activities or other activities.

So, Desconect@ is launched with the clear objective that young people learn to make proper use of new technologies. We do not seek to forbid or make anything disappear, we simply want to optimize our resources in the best possible way.

Our program aims to make adolescents aware of the advantages, disadvantages and risks of new technologies. Through dynamic group activities and attending to their real concerns, we will work on new strategies for the use of mobile phones and social networks.


Addiction to NT (New Technologies)

Behavioral disorder

Substances addiction

TCA – Eating disorders

Academic orientation

Parent School