Instagram studies to veil the figure of “likes” to reduce the social pressure

Instagram poses obscure the total numeral of likes that get the publications. The intention is to give more importance at the content that at the popularity of the users to reduce, it is said, the social pressure that this means.

Marc Masip, director of Desconect@ Program, explains that one of the reasons to desire to have many likes is to feel accepted or more admired:

“Adolescents nowadays rely heavily on the ‘likes’ of the photos of their social networks. ‘Likes’ that make them more popular, more accepted, more belonging to a group, more admired …”

But everything changes when, on the other hand, you do not get the “likes” you wanted:

“When I have the” likes “or more everything is fantastic and I feel good. Generates adoption, I am happy … But when I do not have the likes that I wanted or what I expected, we are in a high level of frustration. ”

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