Family Teraphy

One of the most important and significant areas for adolescents is their family. There they learn to relate and to communicate.
Family therapy is the space in which a family or some of its members meet, with the direct supervision of a therapist to help resolve emotional/psychological disorders that have some of the components of this.
The whole family benefits from these sessions, because they treat individual and group problems.

Therapeutic objectives:

  • Family communication
  • Family empathy
  • Organization
  • Coexistence
  • Relations between members
  • Rules and limits


One of our main objectives is to try that the relatives feel integrated and part of the therapeutic process from the beginning. We believe that the bond with the family is fundamental for the emotional improvement of the person.
We conduct family therapies once a month.
We are in direct contact with them weekly to carry out a togheter the monitorization of patients.
We hold monthly parent meetings to unify guidelines, questions, advice, and seek reinforcement and support among them.    In this way, they do not feel alone and can share experiences and help themselves while they have a therapeutic guide.
At the same time we are aware of the importance of being able to call or communicate with your child’s therapist in a moment of blockage or crisis. That’s why our families and patients can call us whenever they need it.