The group is a fundamental part of the treatment.
In this healthy bonds are created, respect is worked, companionship, shame, social relations.


Group therapies are done in small groups. Topics that concern patients every day are addressed, setting goals and thus getting them to commit to the change.
We focus on something different in our group therapies and it is the concept of mutual help, so you learn to help others while you feel helped. Thus, we managed to promote such important aspects as empathy, patience, active listening, tolerance.

In the treatment, we work at the individual, family and social level; and consists of three phases:

  • 1st phase: in Day Hospital, aimed at eliminating all those pathological behaviors that the patient carries out to manage their discomfort (restriction of food, vomiting, impulsive behaviors, hyperactivity), while achieving a weight recovery, if necessary. It also works awareness of disease and the role that it fulfills.
  • 2nd phase: at Day Hospital, aimed at working exhaustively on emotional and cognitive aspects (which have begun to work on the 1st phase), thus recovering self-esteem and self-confidence, and building a healthy self-identity.
  • 3rd phase: on an outpatient basis, aimed at working on the difficulties that arise for the patient when he / she makes a fully normalized life, and relapse prevention.