Experiences of students and families

Course 2015/16. Andreu passes 2nd year ESO

“I saw how my son Andreu was destined to a very dark future. Bad conduct at home, at school and very bad companies. Thanks to the rigidity that FEST@ imparts, my son is still studying and I have once played Scrabble with him again”

Course2015/16. Anna passes 4th of ESO

“I do not like going to school. It’s a very boring thing, but at FEST@ I learned to learn in another way. I have felt very close to the whole team and I have always heard the help of the teachers and the psychologist”

Course 2016/17. Joan passes 4th d’ESO

“My son was expelled from two concerted schools. I was desperate and found Fest@. The daily treatment with teachers is a luxury; They worry about us even on the weekend.”

Courses 2016-18. Aïna passes 1st High School

“I suffered a traffic accident during the first quarter and I was not able to attend class. I arrived at FEST@ in the middle of the year. I managed to approve everything in 1st and this year I have passed the Selectivity”

Course 2017/18. Ignacio obtains his High School degree

“After three years in Desconect@ and in the FEST@ program I have been able to achieve my goals. I stopped consuming, I have a lot better relationship with my parents and I have a bachelor’s degree. This year I will work and I will continue with my training through a higher degree”

Course 2017/18. Robert approves 1st High School arriving Christmas

“I arrived at FEST@ in Christmas. I had recently left school after passing the ESO with many difficulties. I could make an absolute sprint from the first day. The motivation I have had on the part of the professionals has led me to believe me capable. I passed 7 subjects in June, then in September the remaining 3. I will now take 2nd year baccalaureate and I want to do the ”

Course 2017/18. Inés passes course

“I have not had the best years of my life, I have clear that now I will go to the best. The Desconect@ has opened my eyes and I believe in being able to evolve. As i was feeling better, the school went very well to. At last I felt that I was learning and that I was capable of everything. I will continue to study and I hope I can achieve a job that I like “