Day Hospital

The harmful behaviors that children use to cover or express their discomfort are so integrated that a more complete and intensive treatment is necessary to deal with them.

The Day Hospital is the resource that allows them through group therapies, individual therapies, therapeutic workshops, visits with psychiatry, food reeducation and family therapies, to obtain the necessary resources to make a healthy life, without the need to use behaviors toxic that harms them in their day to day.

We are a center specialized in the mental health of adolescents. With more than 10 years of experience, we help young people with eating disorders, behavior disorders, addiction to new technologies, addiction to toxic substances, and many other difficulties that arise in a time of changes as delicate as it's adolescence.

Through a multidisciplinary therapy model, we make an integral approach, in the personal and individual, social and family of the adolescent, because we know that all these aspects directly influence their well-being.

In the Day Hospital Desconect@ the patient is not a number, is a member of our house and we take care of him through a high level of demand and a lot of love.

"We know that parents trust us with what they want most in this world, that's our road map."

Marc Masip



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110/5000 Agreement with the School Insurance to subsidize the treatment in under-28s.

60 places available