Expoeduca and Desconect@ Program

During the past 9 and 10 of February, Desconect@ Program had the opportunity to be present in Expoeduca; a space where the happiness and the future of your children is the most important.

During these two days, Desconect@ Program presented its Psychoeducational program whose objective, oriented for youth, is to learn, to make proper use of mobile phones, social networks and video games. Through dynamic group activities and attending to their real concerns, Desconect@ works new strategies for the use of mobile phones and social networks.

On the other hand, FEST@ (Educational Training Program with Disconnected Therapeutic Support, acronyms in spanish) has been created by the Desconect@ Psychological Institute. An academic training that allows any student to attend ESO and baccalaureate in a tutored manner.

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