What learning methodology do we use?

Students receive a total teaching through individualization. Each student has 3 teachers available and the teacher never works with more than 3 students at a time. Likewise, the children are always accompanied by therapists, psychologists and psycho-pedagogues to be able to work on their day-to-day difficulties, frustrations and limits. In addition to assessing the purely academic we must take into account that behavior, conduct and acceptance of limits greatly improves.

And my son will learn?

FEST@ works. The privilege of being able to have 1 teacher for every 3 students means that students receive an active, constant formation away from distractions. FEST@ has been active for 4 school years. Of the more than 30 students we have trained, all of them have achieved their goal: to learn.

We are parents. Will we know how our son evolves?

Every Friday we send a detailed report via email to the parents. What has been their behavior and weekly performance, duties for the weekend, pending work and the evolution in the different subjects. The close relationship between the family and the therapeutic team is fundamental for a desired emotional and academic result.

The Classroom 

In FEST@ we have different classrooms. All of them enjoy a total absence of distractions and space focused on the impossibility of disconnection of the class. We work with books, paper and pen. At the same time, the students have two weekly classes of technological competences. The duration of the classes is 55 minutes.