Magnitude in figures

  • Spain is the second country in the European Union in school failure, with a rate of 19% of young people between 18 and 24 years old who have abandoned the education system prematurely by completing the first cycle of Secondary (ESO) and not having received No type of training in the last month.
  • Boys leave the classrooms before the girls. The proportion of school failure is higher among boys (22.7%) than among girls (15.1%), according to Eurostat data.
  • Spain has managed to reduce the school dropout rate in the last decade of 30.3% registered in 2006 to 19% in 2016, although it is still far ahead to meet the national target of lowering 2020 to 15% , five points less than the objective for the whole EU.
  • Only in 2016 the Fundació ANAR (Ajuda a Nens i Adolescents en Risc, Help for Children and Adolescents in Risk) registered 1,207 cases of actual school bullying, which means an increase of 87.7% in the last year and 240% from 2015.