From Desconect@ Psychological Institute we have created FEST@ (Educational Formation Program with Desconect@ Therapeutic Support) the first school that offers classes of a maximum of 3 students and that works constantly with professors, psychologists and educational psychologists in the classroom. An academic formation that allows any student to attend ESO and baccalaureate in a personalized and tutored way.

We strongly believe in the feedback between the academic and the emotional. When one area goes well, the other feels reinforced and at the same time improves. 


What’s Fest@

Academic plan





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For students with difficulties, disorders, bad behavior or inability to study in a classroom with too many students, FEST@ proposes the solution through a rigid education based on individualization love and empathy.

FEST@ is the option for all those students who do not feel capable or who have difficulties. We get their maximum potential and they respond with their best result.


     Fest@ students explain their experience in school :


   Our coordinator expalins the main goals/objectives of Fest@ :



Gonzalo, is our first student who after two years with us does the selectivity and passes!

Now we just have to wait for the university path that our alumni wants to undertake, he will always have the open door of Desconect@ to count on us in whatever he needs.

Congratulations Gonzalo!