Is it advisable for children to spend more time in front of screens in summer?

Marc Masip gives us in Qustodio (application of parental control on the Internet) a series of recommendations on the use of screens in summer that will allow us to find the right balance and enjoy the freedom of holidays without falling into digital addictions or resorting to the technology to combat summer boredom:

  • Do not allow your children to spend more time in front of the screen in summer. The fact that children have more free time does not mean that they have to pass it in front of the screen. It is a spiral that ends up creating bad habits that cost to change when the summer is over.
  • Do not use technology as a negotiation tool. It is easier said than done, but resists the temptation to use screens as punishment or reward. This strategy can easily become a blackmail and is not the proper way to educate your children. Getting good grades, being good at a sport or helping with housework allows them to develop their personality and should not condition the time they spend in front of the screen.
  • Do not give up. Normally, parents give up for two reasons: because we believe that giving our children what they want we are helping them, or because we end up giving in to their insistence. Children are experts in the art of getting what they want. Set rules and make sure they are met throughout the year. It is something absolutely essential and the true golden rule of parents when it comes to the use of screens. Keep in mind that setting rules does not mean our children can not use technology. If we prohibit it, we will only get them to rebel.
  • Encourage outdoor activities! I refuse to believe that children prefer to be alone in front of a screen instead of spending time with their friends. It is very important that we encourage them to do so. We should suggest activities, insist, be there when they need us and spend time with them. Unfortunately, there are children who do not even have the opportunity to go to the beach and meet their friends or interact face to face with other children. As this article in the New York Times explains, spending time outdoors and socializing with other people has ended up becoming a kind of luxury. Whatever your income level, do everything possible to prevent your children from spending their vacations locked up at home.

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