“Haters”, an upward phenomenon in networks

“Haters” are one of the big problems in social networks: people who are people who are engaged in sending offensive messages to other people or groups. Twitter is the network that concentrates the largest number of them.

The TV show “Tot es mou de TV3” has speaks with the psychologist Marc Masip.

Charla de Marc Masip en Alaior, Menorca

Last Friday, February 1, we were in Alaior, Menorca, to share with the association of mothers and fathers, the talk “The digital diet, educate with the proper use of the mobile”. The meeting was held in the Convent of Sant Diego de Alaior, together with the City Council of Alaior.

We leave you some photos of the event …

Adolescents addicted to network, porn and gambling

Interview with Marc Masip “Adolescents addicted at the Mesh, at the porn and at the stakes. The responsibility is of the parents”

The past 1 of February the digital informativos.net interviewed Marc Masip.

More than 23% of the Spanish adolescents are addicted to the network. A figure that, posed at perspective with the European average, a 12,7%, scandalises. But, how it arrives an adolescent at this addiction? Which other addictions tugs the addiction to the network? And especially how it can rehabilitate at an addicted adolescent that lives at some familiar and social surroundings of addicted adults? The parents show worried with this figure, paradoxically, they take their kids to school pending the whatsapp while driving the car.

“The mobile is the heroine of the s.XXI”Marc Masip

You can view the whole interview at the following video:

Aprendemos Juntos – El País BBVA

El psicólogo, director de Instituto Psicológico Desconect@ y experto en adicciones a las nuevas tecnologías, Marc Masip, advierte de los peligros de la dependencia a las pantallas, que provocan problemas de sueño, de rendimiento académico y de socialización.

La propuesta de Masip pasa por la educación en el buen uso de las pantallas y pautas como “PIVE”: pensar, intuir, vivir y evaluar dónde y qué imágenes compartimos, cómo evitar que nos perjudiquen y de qué forma podemos aprovechar lo mejor de la tecnología en la nueva era digital.

En su libro ‘Desconecta’, Marc Masip plantea las bases de una “dieta digital” para superar nuestra elevada dependencia al móvil y mejorar nuestra relación con las pantallas.

Report on TELE MADRID, another science

We travel to Barcelona to talk with Marc Masip, expert psychologist in addiction to new technologies and director of the Disconnected Psychological Institute, a center where they are dedicated to rehabilitating young people who have disorders in relation to new technologies.

It is obvious that the use we make with certain terminals is not adequate and that many people could be identified as techno-addicts, especially teenagers, but how to know if they really suffer an addiction? Everything that generates a dependence or even withdrawal syndrome can be called as addictive. Also, the mobile phone does not understand sex, age, or race, it is designed so that any type of person can fall immersed in this addiction.

Javi López, captain of RCD ESPANYOL visits DESCONECT@

Javier López Rodríguez (Osuna, Province of Seville, January 21, 1986) is a professional Andalusian footballer who plays the Real Club Deportivo Español. With the blue and white captain, we talked about the importance of overcoming, effort and tenacity. Know how to fall and get up …

The parakeet player visited the boys and girls of the FEST @ School and the patients of the DIA HOSPITAL spending the afternoon with all of them. They shared experiences, anecdotes and ways of understanding life.

Javi is our sponsor since we founded and constantly shows to be involved in the educational and health fields.

Desconect@ imparted in AGBAR a training for all its employees

El passat 25 d’octubre Desconnect @ va impartir a AGBAR (Aigües de Barcelona) una formació per a tots els seus empleats.

Contamos amb la presència de 55 participants i es van tractar temes de vital importància com l’ús de les noves tecnologies en el treball o a casa.

Els participants es van mostrar molt actius en la preocupació de com educar en un bon ús tecnològic als seus fills i de quins pautes i consells seguir.

Ens veuen aviat amics!

We analyze André’s Gomes emotional situation

André Gomes does not go through a good emotional moment. The player of the Futbol Club Barcelona has publicly acknowledged that he needs psychological help to improve his performance.

Xesco Espar and Marc Masip, analyze their situation and trust that they will soon recover their level.


Desconect@ program in Sagrat Cor Sarrià

During this school year 2017-18 Sagrat Cor Sarria has received from the hand of Instituto Psicològico Desconect@ the complete training for its students, teachers and families.

Parents, teachers and of course, students have been able to work with our team on everything related to the correct use of new technologies.

Sagrat Cor Sarrià has carried out a complete training with their families, students and teachers. First, through a parent conference where, with great assistance, we were able to verify the enormous degree of involvement of the families.

Subsequently, ESO students received a conference to improve their use of new technologies and workshops with minimized groups (12 students) where they could resolve all their doubts and check their status of privatization and security on the Net.

  • Report on the use of mobile phones by ESO students
  • Training for teachers
  • Parents conferences
  • Student conferences
  • Workshops for students

¡See you soon amig@s!

PLATÓ HOSPITAL AND DESCONECT@ with the neigbourhood!

Plató Hospital, within its Conference, has Desconect@ Psychological Institute to train the students of the school “Els Arcs” and the “Insitut Montserrat” in the good use of the New Technologies.

We had a great time with more than 200 teenagers and a dozen teachers.

From these lines, we congratulate Plató Hospital for its commitment to society and the work they do every day.

See you soon!