“Haters”, an upward phenomenon in networks

“Haters” are one of the big problems in social networks: people who are people who are engaged in sending offensive messages to other people or groups. Twitter is the network that concentrates the largest number of them.

The TV show “Tot es mou de TV3” has speaks with the psychologist Marc Masip.

Report on TELE MADRID, another science

We travel to Barcelona to talk with Marc Masip, expert psychologist in addiction to new technologies and director of the Disconnected Psychological Institute, a center where they are dedicated to rehabilitating young people who have disorders in relation to new technologies.

It is obvious that the use we make with certain terminals is not adequate and that many people could be identified as techno-addicts, especially teenagers, but how to know if they really suffer an addiction? Everything that generates a dependence or even withdrawal syndrome can be called as addictive. Also, the mobile phone does not understand sex, age, or race, it is designed so that any type of person can fall immersed in this addiction.

Javi López, captain of RCD ESPANYOL visits DESCONECT@

Javier López Rodríguez (Osuna, Province of Seville, January 21, 1986) is a professional Andalusian footballer who plays the Real Club Deportivo Español. With the blue and white captain, we talked about the importance of overcoming, effort and tenacity. Know how to fall and get up …

The parakeet player visited the boys and girls of the FEST @ School and the patients of the DIA HOSPITAL spending the afternoon with all of them. They shared experiences, anecdotes and ways of understanding life.

Javi is our sponsor since we founded and constantly shows to be involved in the educational and health fields.

End of course trainings

The 2017/18 course is over!

One year more Desconect@ has trained more than 5,000 students and 3,000 families.
Desconect@ Psychological Institute has trained more than 5,000 students and more than 3,000 families during its 2017/18 academic year through its conferences and workshops.
Dynamics, empathy and participation are the pillars of a useful and real education. We want to reach our public by giving real solutions, speaking their language and facilitating effective learning.

PAE activity in CITA

The group of adolescents of Desconect@ visit CITA to make a PAE

Last Friday the group of adolescents of Desconect@ visited CITA.

CITA (Center for Research and Treatment of Addictions, acronym in spanish) led by Dr. Josep María Fabregas is a Collaborating Center of Desconect@ and both are in constant investigation before the addictions to New Technologies.

PAE is a unique activity where participants interact with horses and through dynamics they try to forge the group and discover more about them and their potential.

We leave you some images of the adventure! WE WILL BE BACK SOON!

Dani el Rojo visits us

All of our patients and students have been able to know Dani el Rojo life experience. They have lived from the eyes of Dani the dangers of drugs, not studying and maintaining a bad relationship with parents.
Daniel Rojo Bonilla better known as Dani el Rojo or The Millionaire according to the police of Barcelona, ​​is a well-known gangster of the eighties and nineties, ex-politoxicomaniac and ex-bank robber.
He empitedo the safe of about 150 banks and took them more than 10,000 million pesetas (60 million euros). Always without hurting anyone.
He went  three times to jail and was rehabilitated from all his addictions. Today he is married and has two children.


Educa Barcelona reportage (Ajuntament de Barcelona) in our FEST@ Formation Classrooms. Meet our teachers, our methods and what the students think.

We train and give another academic opportunity to the young people who need it most.

The adolescents group of Desconect@ overcome their first Scape Room.

Last Friday the group of adolescents of Desconect@ overcame “Prision” and “Mafia” two of the Scape Room of Chicken Banana (Barcelona).
A surprising and more than interesting adventure that forces the young to think, apply logic and work as a team to get out of the room in question.
We leave you some images of the adventure! WE’LL BE BACK SOON!