The WHO officially includes addiction to videogames as a disorder

The World Health Organization includes officially videogame addiction as a disorder, something that Desconect@ Program has been concerned about for many years and has been working in order to deal with this issue among youth through our therapies.

The normalization of the abusive use of video games through the boom of Esports (videogame competitions that have become popular events), has made many of the young people fix their idols on media characters from these platforms. It is not anomalous that these young people devote an inordinate amount of hours to look like their favorite gamers. On the other hand you can see how through this activity they earn large amounts of money boasting of wealth in the networks.

From Desconect@ Program we have been pioneers when talking about the rise of this phenomenon and the great need to carry out actions. That is why for many years we have made available our treatments to deal with this “new” addiction.



TCA Conference for Parents

Last April 13, Eva Gómez, the Psychologist and Clinical Director of Desconect@ Psychological Institute, specialist in TCA, gave a conference for the AMPA of the Salle Bonanova the attendance was around fifty parents .

The objective of the conference was to explain what are the Eating disorders, the risk factor’s, their causes and consequences as well as to provide guidelines to parents both for prevention and detection, in order to encourage good areas of behavior.

Thank you very much to all the assistants.

We’d like to highlight that TCA is a “dinamic” disease currently affecting most part of it to youth.

From Desconect@ we’ll continue working with the utmost rigor and professionalism.

Teenagers addicted to porn

Statistics show that, through Internet, teenagers access pornographic content around the age of 11. Maria de la Pau Janer has invited the psychologist Marc Masip and director of Desconect@ to the TV show “Tot es Mou” of TV3 to give us a series of advice on this situation.

“The mobile is the heroine of the XXIst century”

Once again, one of the most important daily newspapers of the country, “El Mundo” removes an article where exposes the danger of the excess of the new techs and manners to deal with them.

“When somebody is native of some place means that it has been born here and that meets fully his origin; today’s  have not been born at the tech, it has been implemented without any kind of knowledge; they are not native digital but digital adoptees. The liberty is the most esteemed value and it is based in knowledge, but we leave our children in the network without any kind of concern. We give the ones the 100% of liberty with a 0% of information when it is said that knowledge is the base of liberty. We’re offering them something for what they are not prepared”  Marc Masip. 

Desconect@ in St Jordi

On April 23, Catalonia celebrates one of its most representatives festivities: St Jordi!

Millions of people took to the streets to walk among hundreds of rose stalls and numerous book sales stops, among which our book DESCONECTA !

Its author, Marc Masip, who signed copies in different parts of Barcelona, had the opportunity to speak with all those who came to meet the director of Desconect@ Program.

A proud to be present on one of our favorites day of the year.

Enter here if you have not yet been able to get your book!

Solidarity Stories of sports

Last Thursday 18 of Abril Programa Desconect@ formed part of the 15th edition of the Relats Solidaris of the Sport, once more supported for a sportsman of first level: Marc-André Ter Stegen, goalkeeper of FC Barcelona.

The act, presented by the journalist Sergi Mas, had the presence of the numerous sports journalists and sponsors, Desconect@ among them, making possible that this year the Foundation father Manel collect fund to develop and lead projects of social and educational actions among the youngsters and boys at the neighbourhoods of Verdum-Roquetes at Barcelona.

You can find it in the bookstores of El Corte Ingles for 15€!

Samanta Villar faces her mobile addiction with anxiety and sleep problems

We have all ever had a vice no matter how small they may be. Vices are present in our lives but no one likes to be told what these are. Marc Masip, creator of the Desconect@ method and director of the center faces Samanta Villar‘s mobile phone addiction. After passing a test of addiction with a very high result, the journalist decides to put herself in the hands of the expert in new technologies Marc Masip.

To combat this behavior habit, Samanta will have to face Marc’s treatment and see if he is capable of dealing with this addiction.

Will Samantha last a week without a cell phone?

The Right to privacy and at the image of the minors at the Social Network

The past 29 of March, the School of Lawyers of Barcelona received the event Digital Morning: “Minors and Social Networks”, where our director Marc Masip had the opportunity to form part among the numerous and renowned speakers.

During a bit more of an hour, Marc besides Noelia Rebón, lawyer and specialist at school and labour bullying, talked on the Right to Privacy and at the image of the minors at the social networks. Interaction of the TICs at the emotional development of the minors.

TikTok, the 15 seconds video that sweeps the youngest

This social network is the last great phenomenon among the youngest Internet users. It has two characteristics that make it unique: on the one hand, it is the first “social” features app created and managed by a Chinese company that triumphs in the West. On the other hand, those who consume content on this platform are, in the vast majority, minors, especially girls between 8 and 16 years who often use the electronic devices of their parents or their older siblings to connect to the network.

After a data collection, the director of the Desconect@ Programs states:

“In 3rd grade of Primary (8 years old), TikTok is the app most used by almost a third of students, especially girls; in 4th and 5th year of Primary (9 and 10 years old), almost half of the students mention it in the first place; in 6th grade, he already appears behind Instagram, Youtube and Fortnite; and in ESO they are no longer frequent users “. The kids are completely hooked: in China, users spend more than 30 minutes connected on average, and the interaction rate (comments to videos, ‘likes’, etc.) is also very high: “Upload videos to the internet without any kind of filter or training. For them it is something totally harmless: they seek to be admired by the group, but they have no idea who can get to see them “

Marc Masip “a la carta”

Last Wednesday, March 13, the director of the Disconnected Program @ Marc Masip, was invited to the TV program “a la carte” where he could reflect on the excessive and uncontrolled use we are giving to the mobile phone. It alerts us that we are the country in the European Union with the most adolescent addiction, more than 75% of the Spanish population suffers from this addiction.

We leave you the video where you can see the talk again!